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I feel like I've been studying an undergraduate course that has given me an overview of who I am. After I got my BA Hons, I decided to do a PhD and specialise in a subject that was closest to my heart - Love.

I believe my purpose is to demonstrate that Love is life; Love is truth; Love is freedom; Love is wealth; Love is the only power; Love is reality; and Love is all there is.

In this blog I shall continue to share insights, experiences and realisations as I feel inspired to in that moment. Please note that the articles I'm sharing are my perspective and not meant to instruct readers in any way. Make of them what you will.

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Zero Energy

I Would Rather Be Grateful, Thank You!

The following article was previously posted at my Infinite Life, Infinite Joy blog.

I am now posting it here as it relates to a recent article I wrote.

With love,

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I Would Rather Be Grateful, Thank You!

Recently for three days in a row, the Internet was down at the library where I usually post my work. The library staff said we should all complain. I said it was not my style to complain, which I believe negates the excellent service I always receive. The library staff insisted that they are supposed to provide efficient service all the time. They believed their IT department was not going to take the problems seriously unless more people complained. Someone shoved a complaint form in my hands. I took it with me and dumped it in the bin.

I have noticed companies have "suggestions" boxes and complaints forms, but I've never seen an appreciation box. I wonder why?

We seem to live in a whining society where it is believed complaining will get you the desired results. I don't believe in complaining. When I complain I'm focusing my attention on faults which manifests more of the same. Let's say I bought something that was faulty, I'll simply return it and either ask for my money back or exchange it for another product.

People perform better when they are appreciated. Focus on someone's "bad" behaviour and that's all you'll see, which doesn't give the other person room to be more. If you have nothing good to say about someone, focus on someone you have something good to say about; or say nothing.

But how is society going to improve if you don't complain or make suggestions? I know from experience that what I put my attention on is magnified. I would rather give my attention to all the good work and excellent service I receive; I also know that everyone is always doing the best they can based on beliefs and environment.

Take what is happening globally such as natural disasters, wars and attacks. Governments, religions, scientists, and the media spend so much energy focused on the worst and when it happens, governments says "We were right to warn our nationals about an attack, see it has happened!" Religion responds "We knew this would happen; it is that prophecy come true!" Scientists say "It is just as we predicted; we were right!" As for the media, well disasters are their bread and butter anyway. Of course they are all right. If you focus your energy on the worst, it happens.

Everyone has the right to complain. I would rather be grateful for all the good I am receiving, thank you very much.

With love,

Love is the Only Cause I Support

I don't believe in supporting any causes or raising awareness for any charity. I used to but then I discovered my awareness was creating more harm than good. In other words, I was attracting more of what I was focused on. Here are a few examples:

At one time I was very interested in raising awareness about child abuse. I even went to a rally against abuse at Trafalgar Square where I shared my own experiences. It was the first time I'd ever spoken in front of so many people. Because I was so focused on raising consciousness about child abuse, all of my friends at the time were survivors of abuse. My best friend was not only a "survivor", she was a psychologist so that's all we seemed to talk about. I was very angry against men. One day I "woke up" out of that experience and realised I wasn't a survivor or a victim, I was me. My survivor friends soon melted away from my experience.

I used to wear a ribbon that represents awareness of HIV and AIDS. Then I started going to a meditation centre once a week. At the centre, I made friends with a man who was HIV+. At the same place, I met someone I ended up having a relationship with. Before we got involved in an intimate relationship, he insisted that I took an AIDS test as he had already had one done. Because I was so AIDS aware, I had no problem with the idea. In fact, I thought we were both being very sensible. Then one day I "woke up" and realised I was way too AIDS aware for my own good. So I stopped wearing the ribbon. My HIV+ friend and I lost contact and my relationship with the AIDS aware guy soon ended.

I used to support the Homeless charity. I even did some voluntary work at one of their centres one Christmas and I went on a sponsored walk to raise money for the charity. Years later I ended up homeless. I guess I was way too aware of homelessness.

Since whatever I focus my attention on is magnified, now I support only one Cause - Love. In my writings I raise awareness about the presence of peace, love, joy, life, light, abundance, goodness, happiness, perfection, wholeness and magic in every moment. That is my only focus and what motivates me.

Incidentally, my mother went to a "Daffodil Day" church service recently. When she returned home she brought me a daffodil badge. I asked if she'd got one for herself but she said she'd only picked up one and wanted me to have it. This particular daffodil badge is currently being used to promote cancer awareness. Given that I don't support that charity, I wondered why my mother had brought me the daffodil. Then I remembered that I had recently brought to her attention the fact that daffodils were already in full bloom. I even ended up writing a piece the experience. I wrote:

"Dear daffodils, your presence is very welcome. Thank you for expressing your beauty so perfectly." Daffodils

Aha! The daffodil was simply a gift of love from all daffodils acknowledging my gratitude. Thank you daffodils, I love you too.

Love is the only cause I support.


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Oh, What Fun!

On the bus this morning I noticed the computerised Announcer was giving passengers the wrong destination.

I said to the woman beside me, "I hope to God this bus is not going to Ilford because that's in the opposite direction."

"Maybe, the driver doesn't know where he's going," she chuckled.

"The other day I got on a bus that said 243 in front and 123 on the side. So I asked the bus driver which was correct. He said I should ignore the number on the side."

"Sounds like the driver didn't have a clue," my friend said.

On the bendy buses passengers have to buy their tickets in advance before travelling. Sometimes people get on these buses without tickets. If you're caught without a valid ticket on these buses, you get fined on the spot. Some inspectors even report people to the Police. Now there is an announcement that comes on reminding passengers with Oyster Cards to touch in their cards on the reader. The other day, I heard an announcement that asked passengers to get their tickets ready as the ticket inspectors were getting on at the next stop to check our passes. Passengers who hadn't touched in their cards got up to do so. A few who didn't have tickets got off. At the next stop no inspectors got on. I reckon the bus driver had only put on that announcement to put the fear of God in passengers. I shared this story with my friend and we had a good laugh about it.

I noticed the Announcer on our bus was now announcing the correct destination.

"The driver must have woken up," my friend said.

It's such fun travelling by bus.


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Building Works

Just recently they started building new houses where I live. As I'm not going to be living in the area when it's completed, I wondered what it was going to look like. I had a thought to look up the website to see what exactly they were building but I forgot to check.

Today, two days after wondering, two brochures dropped through the letter box from the company responsible for the building works. In the brochure were images of what the place was going to look like, which was going to include houses for students and lots of shops.

Thanks, Love, for answering my question.


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Friday, 14 March 2008

Oo-er Missus!

At the library, I offered the security guard one of my Fruit Pastilles.

"See if you can suck it without chewing," I said.

As he was helping himself to one he said, "Do you like chewing or sucking?"

"I like sucking then I chew."

"I hope you're very gentle when you chew," he said.

"I am very gentle," I giggled.

I love double entendres, don't you? ;-)