Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Active Intelligence

My True Self, that which is Infinite Love, is active intelligence. This means that every moment Love is actively being love i.e. making all things perfect, good, harmonious and beautiful.

Active intelligence is like pigeons. We have lots of them in London. Pigeons don't stop doing what they do just because humans have decided it's a public holiday and they need to take time out to rest. Life continues as usual for them.

The Intelligence in pigeons is the same intelligence that quickens my body and makes it work perfectly. Whether I am awake, asleep, or in meditation, the Intelligence continues to do what It does perfectly.

The Intelligence that quickens my body is the same Intelligence that is active in the universe.

Now there is another intelligence that mimic's Infinite Love - beliefs that have us identify ourselves as mere mortals limited in a body in time and space.

Waking up, in the spiritual sense, is really about being constantly aware of my identity as Infinite Love whose intelligence is active in every moment.

This means that I'm either aware of the Infinite Love's active intelligence in every moment or I'm aware of the counterfeit intelligence of limitation in every moment.

What I am aware of is magnified in my experience. When my focus is on Love, I experience Love. When my focus is on the counterfeit intelligence, I experience that reality.

Love is all there is and active in every moment.


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