Tuesday, 4 December 2007

All is One - A Reminder

Only One exists.

It is the One Love-Light that is wearing the many masks appearing as the many. The masks symbolise our different beliefs and models of realities. Some of these beliefs are empowering and others are limiting. Some of these beliefs are shared and many are not. Despite our disparate beliefs, the truth about each of us is that all is One. Every moment, the One is calling out to the all who are still "asleep" to remind them of their true nature as the One.

As the bus I was in was approaching the next bus stop, I noticed an elderly looking gentleman with a walking stick walking towards the stop. The bus driver lowered the ramp to make it easy for the man to get on and waited at the bus stop. The man shuffled a few steps forward and then stood still. He shuffled a few more steps forward and then stood still. The faster he tried to move the more he got stuck. He was only a few inches away from the bus but it must have seemed like miles to the man. The bus driver waited patiently for him. I could feel all the passengers egging the man on. I got out and asked if I could assist him. I offered him my hand. He shuffled a few steps forward and then let go of my hand. He insisted he could get on by himself. I walked beside him until he got on board. The driver waited until he was sitting comfortably before he drove off. When I was getting off the bus the man thanked me for helping him.

The bus journey represents the call to remember who we are as the One.

The elderly man having difficulties getting on the bus represents those who are "asleep" to their true identity; or moments of forgetfulness of one's true nature.

Passengers egging the man on represent those who are constantly reminding and inspiring people to wake up to their true nature.

My offer of assistance to the man represents those who have a calling to assist people to awaken to their true selves. They are also aware that you can offer assistance but you can't force people to accept what you have to offer.

The bus driver's compassion represents the nature of the One who cannot reject any part of itself. The One will never stop "calling" until everyone is safely "home."

All is One.


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