Saturday, 8 December 2007

Ask and You Will Receive

While my mother and I were watching Heroes, a drama about a group of humans with superpowers trying to save humanity from destruction, she asked me what a particular actor's name was. I said I didn't know his name. I made a mental note to look it up on the Internet the next day.

During my bus journey the next morning, I sat next to this guy who was speaking on his mobile phone. During his conversation he discussed "Heroes" and described the final scene where one hero, the American president, flies away with his brother and saves the day. The actor who played the part of the president was the same one my mother had been wondering about. After the man had finished his telephone conversation, I told him I'd also watched the last episode. We chatted about the show for a few minutes.

Later in the evening, I picked up a free newspaper. On the TV section was a picture of the actor my mother had asked about; and his name is Adrian Pasdar.

I usually leave the newspaper on the bus once I've finished reading it. This time, I took it home with me.

"Mum, remember you asked me what the name of that actor in "Heroes" was?"
"Well, your question has been answered." I showed her his picture.
"That's amazing!"

Ask and you will receive. Just stay alert for the answers.


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