Friday, 21 December 2007

Being a Love Conduit

Just as I was about to cross the traffic light, I saw my bus approaching the bus stop. I thought it would be nice if the traffic light turned Red so I could cross over and then catch my bus, but the light turned Green and the traffic was moving too fast for me to jay-walk. I saw my bus leaving. Oh come on, light beings, you knew I wanted that bus! Why didn't you let me catch it? Oh well, at least I know my infinite selves are at work. There's bound to be another bus shortly. Actually, there was a bendy bus behind.

On the bus I walked right to the end and sat behind this guy. At the next stop, a young lady got on and sat across me on the right. After a few minutes I decided I didn't like my seat, so I sat behind the young woman. At the next bus stop a man got an and wanted to sit beside her and asked if she could remove her bags from the seat. She told him that she needed time to lift up her stuff as her hand was hurting. She even sounded tearful. The man decided to sit somewhere else.

I tapped the young woman on her shoulder and asked her if she was OK. She said she'd just fallen and injured her hand. She said she was still in shock. I asked her how far she was going and she said all the way to the end, where her boyfriend was meeting her. She thanked me for asking and said she would be fine.

Aha, so that's why I got to travel on this bus and even swapped seats, so I could be a conduit of Love. I blessed my friend with peace. Before I got off, I wished her well.

It would seem that part of my role in the human dream is to be a conduit for Love to work through, which is always in line with who I am being at that moment. By this I mean, it's always something I know and can help with. I'm never going to be asked to decorate someone's home or cook for them as that is not my forte. When I'm asked for something outside my comfort zone, I know that it's because I have the answer in an indirect way. For example, when a friend I met at the library once asked me if I could help her write her CV (Curriculum Vitae) or Resume, I told her I couldn't help her because it wasn't my forte. I ended up chatting to someone who gave me the name of a CV company in the local area, which I forwarded to her. My friend told me she ended up writing the CV herself. It turned out what she really needed was self-belief.

Love to all.


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