Monday, 24 December 2007


On the bus I heard a woman asking the driver if the bus was going to Piccadilly Circus. The driver said it wasn't and advised her to change at Oxford Street.

On the way back to her seat I called her over. I told her I was going to Piccadilly Circus as well and I intended to change at Angel to catch another bus. I told her I would let her know when we arrived.

Another woman in front of me turned round and said, "What's happening at Piccadilly Circus? Sorry I'm being nosy."

"I don't know if anything special is happening there," I said. "I'm just off to a bookshop."

After a few minutes I tapped the woman on her shoulder and said, "I don't believe you were being nosy at all, just curious. Curiosity is a very good thing."

"Thank you for seeing it that way," she smiled.

For me, curiosity is about being interested in the infinite wonders of being. That's why I love chatting to people. You never know what wonderful titbits people have to share.

I love being curious, me.


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