Monday, 10 December 2007

Everyone's a Winner!

On the bus I sat opposite two blonde girls with an elderly woman, presumably their grandmother. The older girl was about 7 or 8 and the younger about 5 or 6. They were playing the game of "I Spy."

It was the younger girl's turn to play.

"I spy with my little eye something beginning with..." she looked round the bus, "...with B."

Her grandmother looked around to see what it could be. I was also curious. I could see that the young woman I was sitting next to was just as curious.

"Bracelet?" the girl's sister said.


"Bell?" her grandmother said.

"Yes!" the girl said.

"That was easy," I said.

"Yes, very easy," the woman beside me said.

It was now their grandmother's turn. "Something beginning with B" she said.

"Bracelet?" the older sister said.


The older girl said she could see two words beginning with a "B" and "P".

BP, what can that be? The only thing that came to mind was bus passengers. Could it be that easy?

An elderly man on the other side told the woman the next stop was their stop.

"You can't leave without telling us what the answer is!" I said.

"Yes, I was thinking the same too," my friend beside me said.

Before they left the girl said it was "bus pass." She had obviously picked that up from the woman beside me who was holding one.

When the girls and their grandparents got off, I chatted to my friend about the game. I asked her if she'd come to do her Christmas shopping. She said she was on her way home from work. I asked her if she was going out later. She said she worked in a pub as a DJ and she was going to play Christmas songs from the 80s, the kind people dance to when they're drunk. We had a good laugh about how the same old songs are released at Christmas. Soon it was her stop and we said goodbye.

What I loved about the "I Spy" game was how the girls didn't make it difficult. It was more about letting everyone have a go and have fun.

I remember a few months back I played "I Spy" with a friend and we made it as difficult as possible to guess. It was quite a laugh though trying to outdo each other and making our choices as obscure as possible.

I believe the game of life is about how we all choose to play. We can either make it easy so everyone's a winner; or we could make it hard where only a few people get to win.

Everyone's a winner, I say.


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