Saturday, 29 December 2007

Evolution versus Creation

Last night I watched an episode of the cartoon series, The Simpsons called The Monkey Suit. One thing I love about the Simpsons is that it is pure parody.

Anyway, Ned Flanders, the local Christian guy takes his kids to an exhibition of weapons but he can't get in because of the long queue. He decides to check out the evolution exhibit and is appalled to discover that the Darwinian model of evolution is being promoted, and that the exhibition is making a mockery of Creationism i.e. the belief that all life and the universe were created by some kind of deity. Ned complains to Reverend Lovejoy about this. Reverend Lovejoy gets Principle Skinner to teach Creationism as an alternative to the Evolution theory. Lisa Simpson objects to Creationism because she believes it is not scientific and brings this up at the local council meeting. The members vote to have only Creationism taught at school. Lisa ends up teaching Darwinian theory in secret but she's soon discovered and arrested for breaking the law. The system takes Lisa to court and the case is called "Lisa Simpson versus God." Lisa has to defend the Darwinian model, which she ends up winning with a little help from her family. It was hilarious!

Look what I received this morning via email from a friend.

Clearing away the dust

Is man the product of a cosmic storm?
Of fifteen billion years of cooling stew?
Did dust and hydrocarbons, clotting, form
Imperfect humans – known as “me” and “you?”

Or did genetic forces -- which began
As specks of dust in warm primordial slime,
Then protoplasm, monkey – become man,
Descendent of three billion years of time?

Or was man formed of Babylonian dust
Six thousand years ago? And did God’s breath
Give him this parody of life which must
Eventually end in dust – in death?

No. Man upon the sixth day did appear
As God’s own child, His infinite idea.

Brian Blandford
Christmas 2007

I find it interesting how my friend and I are experiencing the same idea from different perspectives. In the Simpsons' reality, Evolution is the winner. In my friend's reality, Creation is the winner. If the truth be told, I'm not bothered either way.

By the way, I highly recommend that episode of the "The Simpsons"; it is pure genius whether you are an Evolutionist, Creationist or none of the above.


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