Monday, 10 December 2007

Following My Own Rhythm

I read in the Metro this morning that

Venezuela's socialist president has created a unique time zone for Venezuela, putting the clocks back 30 minutes on a permanent basis.

The move puts Venezuela four-and-a-half hours behind Greenwich Mean Time and out of step with the US and all its other neighbours.

Chavez denies the idea is crazy and says the move will improve the country's productivity as more people will wake up in daylight.
Chavez creates own time zone

As I see it, putting the clocks back is symbolic of being in harmony with my True Self. Instead of listening to how the world says I should be, or the many beliefs out there, I follow my True Self's rhythm.

When I don't follow my True Self's rhythm, life seems to be chaotic and doesn't flow. When I am being mySelf then I know that regardless of appearances, everything is unfolding perfectly and in divine order.

And what is good for Me is good for the All.

Thank you, President Chavez, for a great reminder to follow My Own rhythm.


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