Monday, 3 December 2007

In Joy There is No Fear

In issue #55 of Sport, which focuses on "men and women who dice with death in the name of adventure", BASE Jumper*, Felix Baumgartner is interviewed about his experiences.

* BASE jumping is an extreme sport where athletes use a parachute to jump from fixed objects. The word BASE is an acronym for the objects that can be used as a launchpad:

Buildings (any inhabited building)
Antennae (any uninhabited tower, such as an aerial mast)
Span (a bridge or archway)
Earth (a cliff, cave or natural formation)

Felix is asked:

Heights clearly don't worry you too much. Is there anything that frightens you?

"Actually, I was doing some scuba diving and that was a little bit scary because I thought for the first second: 'This is not my world.' In skydiving, I totally knew this was my thing, from my first jump. Even as a beginner, I knew I liked it. I liked falling, flying with parachutes, jumping from planes. In diving, I never had fun. I was always cold, dark, hard to breathe and if you think about being unable to breathe in an emergency, it was a really scary thought. I'm not really good under water. That is a scary world to me." Addicted to BASE by Mark Bailey, Sport

I find this very interesting that Felix finds it more scary scuba diving than diving off cliffs and tall buildings because he's not having fun. In other words, he's not in his joy.

When you're being the Joy that you are, you're in your comfort zone and there is nothing to fear. The message here is to follow your Joy in all ways.

Good for you, Felix! Happy jumping and landing to you always!

In and of Joy.


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