Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Is Blood Thicker than Water?

There is an expression that goes "blood is thicker than water" which means that the bond within family and your ancestry is stronger or more important than any other relationship. Is this really true?

In the popular British TV soap called Coronation Street, Michelle's son Ryan believes he's been stalked by this man. When Ryan's uncle Liam confronts the man and asks him why he's stalking his nephew, the man confesses that Ryan is his son. Michelle thinks this is ridiculous as she knows she wasn't unfaithful to her husband, who is now deceased. In last night's episode, Michelle goes to the stalker's house and sees a boy who looks identical to her dead husband. She believes the only rational explanation is her husband must have had an affair which produced this boy. Michelle and Liam confront the stalker and demand the truth. He tells Michelle that he believes when their sons were babies, they were accidentally switched at the hospital, which means they've been raising each other's sons. He said he and his wife have had DNA tests which confirm that they are not their son's real parents. At first Michelle is furious because she believes the man is lying. At the same time she's devastated. What if the boy she's known as her son is not really her real son? I suppose all will be revealed in the ensuing episodes.

My feelings about this is "so what?" Is blood that important? Surely it's really about the love that one feels that matters rather than some genetic connection. My parents split up when I was four and it was my uncle (my mother's brother) who was my father figure. I felt closer to him than I ever did with my real father whom I saw only occasionally. I didn't miss his physical presence. My father remarried and had a new family. The love I feel for my father is an impersonal love the way I love everyone.

When I buy into "blood thicker than water” I limit myself to loving and trusting only a few people. When I see everyone as family, then my relations are everywhere. This means my relatives take different forms: as humans, animals and birds, nature, the planets, stars and universes, and infinite beings of Light.

Obviously because of my life plan and interests, I spend more time with some relatives than others, and appear closer to some than others. No matter what the appearances, I know we are all one in Love.

Is blood thicker than water? All is blood.

Love to all my relatives.


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