Monday, 17 December 2007

Love in Action

Trusting in Love means knowing that the same infinite intelligence that gives rise to the universe is the same within me and in all I do.

So there was already a bus at my local bus station but the driver was taking a break. I wondered how long the driver was resting for. A boy knocked on the door and asked the question I had in thought. The driver said 10 minutes. I decided to walk to the main road where there were more choice of buses. As I was approaching the stop, which is up a hill, I had a thought that the next bus was approaching. I felt my legs running in response up the hill. I didn't ever feel breathless.

I decided which route I wanted to use. When I got off the bus to catch another bus, I saw the computerised timetable was showing that the next bus was due in 12 minutes. It wasn't even the one I wanted. That means my bus won't arrive for 15 minutes or longer. I had a thought that I should pay no attention to the timetable. The timetable changed and said my bus was due in 4 minutes. I still didn't believe in it. I looked up and saw my bus approaching. Either the timetable is wrong or 4 minutes is now 30 seconds long.

Last night I felt my stomach growling away signifying I might need to pay a visit to the toilet. But then I remembered that Love is in control and all is well. I felt Love's presence around me anyway, actually holding my hand. My stomach settled down and I've been fine ever since.

Love is the only Cause.
I trust in Love in all things.


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