Saturday, 22 December 2007

Mad about Walking

So I was talking to this guy about my love of walking, which he also shares. He said he's originally from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. He grew up near the forests and enjoys taking long walks. He still has a place there but lives and works in London.

I told him I enjoy walks in the parks, Richmond Park and Hampstead Heath being my favourites. The nearest forest near where I live is Epping Forest in Essex, but you need a car to get there. I've explored part of it with a friend.

Like me, my friend doesn't drive and doesn't feel the need to drive in London. We both agreed that the public transport system in London is brilliant. We are really spoilt for choice. My friend said if he ever considers moving back to Gloucestershire, he is going to need a car because the transport system is dire.

He said once he had a friend visit his place in Gloucestershire. They were getting ready to travel to the nearest town. He asked his friend to hurry up or they would miss the bus. She said they could catch the next one. It was then he had to break the news to her that the next one was due in a few days time!

Another story he told me was when he went to visit his sister and nephew back home. He offered to do his sister's shopping at the nearest supermarket, which is miles away. His nephew couldn't believe he would want to walk that far. His nephew insisted that his mum would drive him but my friend said he wanted to walk. When his nephew returned to school on Monday and he was asked to write down something memorable he did over the weekend, he wrote: "My uncle walked to Tesco!"

I told him when my brother and his family moved to their new house, I told them there was a canal not far from them that had lovely walks. My sister-in-law gaped at me. "Why would I want to walk when I can drive?"

It was good to meet a kindred spirit who understands that it's not madness to go for long walks. My friend believes it's good exercise too. He also enjoys the whole experience of walking i.e. not just getting to the destination but the whole journey.

I see walking as an opportunity to let Love do the walking. That's why I don't feel tired after my walks. Walking is also an opportunity for me to commune with my Beloved Self.

I look forward to many more lovely walks.


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