Saturday, 22 December 2007

More about Intentions

When I have an intention to have an experience in a specific way it means that the reality already exists otherwise I wouldn't have had the thought in the first place.

Second, the intention or idea is seeking expression either through me, or through another on my behalf.

Third, since the idea is seeking expression, all I have to do is be open and let it express however it does.

There have been times when I've had a theme for an article, or I've been writing about a particular experience, and I would be writing it one way, but I would find it is not flowing. That's when I relax and allow the idea or experience to take over and express how it wants to express itself. It's the most amazing thing witnessing a story being written. Magic!

Here's another example.

Earlier on this morning just as I was crossing the traffic light, I saw my bus approaching the stop. I didn't feel like running and figured I would catch another bus, albeit I would need to catch two buses instead of the one. I caught the next bus. At some point I got off and waited for another bus. The first bus that arrived wasn't one I've ever travelled on. For the first time I noticed it was going close to where I wanted to go. I got on and arrived in no time at all.

My destination represents my intention which remains constant. When I am open about getting to my destination I am shown many ways, sometimes a much quicker way, to arrive at my destination.

Love to all.


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