Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Moving at Snail's Pace

When I woke up this morning, I noticed it was 7.50 am. I put out an intention for the next ten minutes to go at a snail's pace. Although I wasn't asleep I closed my eyes. The time did seem to drag on forever until it got to 8 O'clock. I then put out another intention for the next hour to last for a long time, and it did appear to last forever.

I also put out an intention for the day to pass really slowly and so far it seems as if I've been awake forever.

I remember when I used to meet up with my friend. As we didn't see each other that often, our time was very precious. We used to wish for the whole night to pass slowly. Both of us used to experience the time passing really slowly.

The reverse is also true. There have been many times when I've put out an intention for the time to go really quickly and in my reality it had.

So while we appear to share the same time, we can all experience time subjectively according to our intentions.

Time was made for man's use, after all.


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