Sunday, 30 December 2007

No Time Passes - Revisited

I was going to walk to my destination but I had a change of heart and decided to catch the bus. There was a woman at the bus stop. I said hello to her. She said she'd been waiting for ages for a bus. I said that maybe they have a reduced service because of the holiday season.

After a few minutes I said, "I can't believe the year is nearly over!"

"Me too. It only seems like yesterday when I moved to Bream Close ten years ago," she said. "My daughter was only this high. Now she's getting ready to take her GCSEs."

"Wow, that's a long time!"

As our bus was approaching I wished her Happy New Year. We got on board and she sat in front while I sat at the back.

During the journey I pondered over the concept "it only seems like yesterday." The paradox of being is no time passes and yet it appears as if time passes. The year of my birth, 1966, happened only a moment ago. Every experience I've ever had only happened a moment ago. And yet I appear to have lived for 41 years.

Since everything happened only a moment ago then time doesn't really pass. How come I don't look the way I did in 1966? Because I'm experiencing a dream of time passing. In this dream I have a dream body which experiences the effects of my dream i.e. aging.

In the dream time we collectively call 2001, I went through an emotional breakdown or breakthrough, depending on how you want to see it where I had a shift in perception. From then on, I started experiencing every day as more or less the same and yesterday as a moment ago. So when I think of my friends I haven't seen in a "while" I always remember the way they were a moment ago. It's quite a shock when I see someone I haven't seen in "ages" and see they have aged because in my reality, no time passes.

My nephew finds it quite amusing that I always look the same. He's just turned 14 and he thinks I haven't changed one bit. Why should I? No time passes!

If no time passes, how come I've had time to fit so much in? Well, it's simply that I have stretched that one moment to fit in many experiences. It's rather like when parents discover that just because they've had more children doesn't mean they have less love. They seem to have even more love for their other kids.

Love ends the dream of time passing. All I'm doing is experiencing myself as Love and stretching who I am to eternity. Then I have all the "time" in the world to fit in as much I choose to.

It only seems like a moment ago since I started this piece. No time has passed and it's finally finished.


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