Saturday, 15 December 2007

Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away

I watched a documentary the other day with the comedian, Russell Brand as presenter. There's something very adorable about him, which makes me want to give him a big hug. I was actually at a bookshop recently where he was performing and promoting his new book but I didn't feel inspired to attend. I've often wondered what his book was about though.

Anyway the other day I went to browse in a bookshop. I was glad to see there were seats available. By the time I got two books off the shelf and came back, the seats were gone. What a bummer! There were no seats on the second floor either. I went down to the first floor and saw a chair. The chair was positioned in such a way that I was facing away from customers coming up the escalator. Suddenly I had a feeling as if someone I knew was standing behind me. I decided to adjust the chair so I could face people coming in. It was then I realised there were a pile of books by Russell Brand. Aha! So that's why I couldn't find any seats upstairs: because you wanted me to see your book, didn't you, Russell? His book called "My Booky Wook" is a poignant memoire of his various addictions.

What struck me about Russell's experiences is that they don't make any difference to his essence as Love. No matter what masks Russell is wearing, Russell is Love.

Every day I have different kinds of experiences, including reading Russell's autobiography. At the end of the day I realise that none of these experiences have made any impact on who I AM as Inexhaustible Love. In other words, nothing can be added to or taken away from Love.

In practical terms, since this inexhaustible Love is my life, then I'm always full of energy. How can I ever grow old when I'm always full of life?

How can I be unhappy or afraid when every moment I am full of joy?

And so on.

Why have experiences then if they can't change who I am being? Just because I can.

I adore you, Russell, no matter who you are being.


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