Tuesday, 4 December 2007

One Dreamer, Many Players

Life is but a dream.

Yesterday evening I went to a bookshop to browse. I picked up two books from the shelf and looked for a comfy chair but there wasn't any available. I didn't fancy sitting on a hard chair so I put the books back on the shelf. I had a thought to go mooching around the area. I walked to the nearest train station, Charing Cross, did some window-shopping around the area, then caught the bus back to the bookshop.

I picked up the same books from the shelf and looked for a chair. The only one available was a space on a sofa which was already occupied by a man and a woman. I sat between them. After a few minutes, the man on the far right got up and I moved to his space. The space in the middle was soon occupied by a young woman. I thought her hat was cute. I noticed she was flicking through some fashion magazines. I had a feeling she was either a fashion student or worked in the fashion industry. None of us said anything, we were too focused on what we were reading.

At one point, the lady next to me reading the fashion magazines took out her mobile phone. I asked her what the time was and she told me. I told her I liked her hat. She said a friend had designed it. I asked if I could feel it. She took it off and handed it to be me. It was black and had flowers on the side. I told her it was pretty and that her friend was very talented. I asked her if she was into fashion. She said she was a fashion designer. Funnily enough, a few days ago my mother and I discussed how "ordinary" people never wear outfits we see on catwalk shows. I discussed this with my fashion designer friend. She said the designs are just meant to give an idea of the designer's work. High Street shops then copy the designs which are then mass produced for consumers. I told her it must be lovely to have something that's been designed just for you, a complete original. She said that's what attracted her to becoming a fashion designer; she wanted unique clothes. At first she wanted to be a writer, then she studied economics at university and became a fashion designer. She said to make it as a fashion designer you need lots of money. I said that at least with her economics background she shouldn't have problems with her finances. She told me she has her own label called Dragana Perisic and her shop is near Brick Lane. Before she left she invited me to visit her shop sometime.

In the meantime, the other lady sitting on the far left had gone. When my fashion designer friend left she was back with a bottle of drink. I told her I thought she'd left. She said she was actually waiting for her husband. When her husband arrived I heard them talking about a chain of restaurants that specialises in noodles. I told them I'd been to that restaurant. The last time I went was when a friend took me to one in Windsor. I drew a map of how to get to the nearest one.

She told me she had only been in London for two days. She was visiting her husband who is studying on a journalism scholarship. They were from Bombay in India. I told them I watched lots of Bollywood films (Indian origin) when I was growing up in Sierra Leone and my favourite actor at the time was a Amitab Bachchan. I said I have a dream to visit Bollywood one day to watch films being made. I said I have a friend in India who has promised to introduce me to Amitab. The woman said she's a journalist and has interviewed Amitab twice who is a very nice man.

My friends and I chatted about London and what it has to offer. They were interested in good Indian food. I said the woman I'd been speaking to earlier has her own shop near Brick Lane and Brick Lane has lots of Bengali (Bangladeshi) restaurants that serves very affordable and good quality food. I also told them about Southall in west London, which has a huge Asian community and has lots of Indian restaurants. After chatting for a few minutes about our lifestyles, my friends said they were off to try out the noodle restaurant. I decided it was time to go home.

My first bus was already at the bus stop so I had to run to catch it. My next bus was very crowded. I could easily have waited for the next one but something told me to get on board. I stood for part of the journey. Soon a seat became available right where I was standing. I noticed a young woman in front of me was reading a book called Brick Lane. I told her about meeting a fashion designer with shop near Brick Lane. I asked her what the book was about. She said it was about a woman from Bangladesh who comes to England to an arranged marriage. She said it was a very good book and a movie has already been made out of the book.

Hmmm! Is it possible I am dreaming of Brick Lane?

When I went home I told my mother about my Brick Lane experiences. She told me Brick Lane had been in the evening news. They believe Brick Lane is becoming very fashionable.

I am dreaming of Brick Lane!

It's amazing how the dream was played out. While I was busy dawdling, my dawdling time allowed all the players to meet up at the bookshop. When I returned to the bookshop, we were all ready to play. I ended up leaving at the right time so I could connect with the passenger reading the book called "Brick Lane."

There is only one dreamer.


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