Monday, 3 December 2007


The other day I put out an intention that I wanted to break the "bond" with an old friend who has been in my thoughts. I felt that it would help me focus in the here and now. I had the thought that it was impossible to break that "bond" as there is only one.

Fast forward a few days later i.e. today, I felt inspired to email this friend. My email was returned with the following message: "This email address is no longer accepting incoming emails." I reckon it's the polite way of saying that this email address is no longer receiving my emails.

What I found interesting was how this friend had read my intention about "breaking the bond" and had acted on it in the form of barring my emails, which happened only recently. It is possible I had picked up on his intention and acted upon it.

This experience is a perfect reminder that no matter how hard I try to block someone's emails or break our bonds, in truth, I cannot be separated from my friend, or anyone else for that matter, because there is only One.

As there is only One, what I give to another I am giving to myself.

I know my message has been "received" loud and clear.

In Oneness.


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