Tuesday, 25 December 2007

The Path of Love

I was speaking to my brother the other night about our cousin who recently passed away. He said although he was very sad to hear the news we have to accept that death is part of life. He said death is the only certainty in life that we are all going to experience at some point. I didn't agree with my brother's perspective.

My brother's perspective about death being the only certainty is the dominant paradigm. You are born, you get older, you get sick, get better, get sick, get better, grow old and you die. While you wait for the inevitable to occur, your lot is to work hard, pay your taxes, get into debt, save for a rainy day, and save for your retirement. Don't forget to put some money aside for your funeral, which is inevitable. It never occurs to people that death is only one of many programmes that goes against what we innately are as Spirit/Light/Love. Love knows no beginning or end; Love was never born nor can Love ever die.

Well, I'm not here to convert anyone to my beliefs. People are free to believe whatever they want to believe. I can only focus on being true to who I am.

I am on the path of Love that knows no death.

With love,

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