Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Specialist Subject - Love

In All is One - A Reminder, I shared a bus journey which turned out to be a symbol of awakening to the true self. I showed how some people have a calling to help others to "awaken" to who they are. My calling has been to share my experiences, not to instruct, but to inspire others to be true to themselves.

After I had finished working on the article, I had the following dialogue with the Inner Voice (IV):

IV: You do realise you've been here before, right?

EJ: Meaning?

IV: You've played the game of awakening before.

EJ: You're talking about reincarnation, aren't you?

IV: Yes. You have been a spiritual teacher to help awaken others to their true selves.

EJ: Maybe, that's why the idea of being a teacher puts me right off.

IV: Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, right?

EJ: In a lot of my sleeping dreams, I teach spiritual principles. I've always felt that "this time round" I'm not here to instruct others but to simply be myself.

IV: Actually, you're here to demonstrate the power of Love. So, first you incarnated in "deep sleep" and believe yourself separated from the whole and experience great lack. You then teach yourself how to awaken to your true self and focus on your nature as Infinite Love.

EJ: I feel like I've been studying an undergraduate course that has given me an overview of who I am. After I got my BA Hons, I decided to do a PhD and specialise in a subject that was closest to my heart - Love.

IV: That's an excellent analogy! Your purpose is to demonstrate that Love is life; Love is truth; Love is freedom; Love is wealth; Love is the only power; Love is reality; and Love is all there is. You then share your experiences and realisations in writing and leave it up to readers to use as they see fit.

EJ: Yes, I do feel that I'm on the path of Love.

IV: You're here to fall in love and make love.

EJ: I love it!

IV: And another thing, this is your final "game of awakening." You've stepped out of time and living in the eternal Now.

EJ: Yes, I know that too. Thanks for confirming that I am on the right track.

IV: All is well. Everything is unfolding according to plan. In fact, all life has already happened.

EJ: I know that too. Thank you.

IV: Thank you.


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