Monday, 3 December 2007

Survival Issues

Issue #55 of Sport is brilliant.

There's an article about Bear Grylls, the adventurer. According to Bear:

"The people who stand the best chance of survival are the ones who are prepared to push the limits."

When put in a position of survival, Bear has eaten snake, maggots, "decomposing zebra" flesh and even drank his own urine.

It got me thinking that there are two survival methods.

First, there is the "dog eat dog" method of survival. Everything is potential food. I've heard of people who have eaten human flesh to survive.

The other survival method is when you go into yourself and find the nourishment you need already within yourself. I've been in a situation where I've had no food and no means to buy food. I've been able to dig deep and find that I'm sustained by Light within. Other times, my needs have been taken care of from the "outside." In fact, this is what the spiritual path means for me, awakening to the unlimited wealth and intelligence I have within me.

I guess one's survival depends on how far one is prepared to "push the limits."

Thanks Sport for another great article.


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