Saturday, 15 March 2008


I feel like I've been studying an undergraduate course that has given me an overview of who I am. After I got my BA Hons, I decided to do a PhD and specialise in a subject that was closest to my heart - Love.

I believe my purpose is to demonstrate that Love is life; Love is truth; Love is freedom; Love is wealth; Love is the only power; Love is reality; and Love is all there is.

In this blog I shall continue to share insights, experiences and realisations as I feel inspired to in that moment. Please note that the articles I'm sharing are my perspective and not meant to instruct readers in any way. Make of them what you will.

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Love and light.


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Articles in Alphabetical Order


Accident or Love in Action?
Accident or Love in Action? - Part 2
Active Intelligence
All is One - A Reminder
Are You a Gutless Wonder?
Are You Feeling the Post-Christmas Blues?
Ascending to Higher Altitudes
As Light as a Feather
Ask and You Will Receive


Bah Humbug!
Be Careful What Questions You Ask
Be Still and Know that I am God
Being a Love Conduit
Being a Parent
Being in Love
Being the Sky - A Reminder
Being the Street Finder
Being the Sun
Boys Will Be Boys!
Breaking News
Bring It On!
Bringing Out the Best of Someone/Something
Building Works


Calling in the Professionals
Channelling - Revisited
Charisma in Eight Acts
Chill Out!
Concerning Children
Constructive Criticism
Continuous Play
Counting My Blessings
Creating My Own News Headlines


Destiny and Density
Dissolving Programmes
Don't Worry, Be Happy
Dream or Reality?


Echoes of Yesterday
Eternal Youth
Every Moment is a Gift of Love
Everyone's a Winner!
Evolution versus Creation
Expecting a Cat to Behave Like a Dog
Express Delivery


Faith is Seeing Beyond the Fog
Fake Babies
Falling in Love
Film Quiz
Following My Heart
Following My Own Rhythm


Giving and Receiving are One
Giving You the Best That I Got
Go On, Switch It On!
Golden Moments


Healing with the I AM
Healing with the I AM - Part 2
Higher Powers
Homing Pigeons
How to Avoid Malfunctions
How to Have Less and Still Have More


I am into Everything
I Have Learned a Great Secret
I Would Rather Be Grateful, Thank You!
In Joy There is No Fear
In Lak'ech Ala K'in - the Living Code of the Heart
Infinite Blessings
Inspiration - Part 2
Intercession - Revisited
Is Blood Thicker than Water?


Jonah and the Great Fish
Just Say Now - Revisited


Leap Year
Letting Things Happen is Receiving What Already Is
Little Acts of Kindness Last Forever
Living in Easy World
Living in My Head
Living on Love
Living Under Grace
Long Live Multiculturalism!
Long Live the King!
Love-Hate Relationships
Love in Action
Love is All Around Me
Love is Life
Love is Meeting All Needs Perfectly - Revisited
Love is No Respecter of Persons
Love is the Only Cause I Support
Love, Laughter and Happiness
Love Thy Neighbour
Loving the Sadness


Mad about Walking
Making the Inner and Outer One
Mind Your Language
More about Giving and Receiving
More about Intentions
More About the Inner Sound
Moving at Snail's Pace
Muddy Boots
Mutual Agreements
My Choir of Angels
My Choir of Angels - Part 2
My Ally
My Forever Friend
My Forever Friend - 2
My Past, Present and Future Self


No Judgment
No Time Passes - Revisited
Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away
Nothing Can Dull My Shine
Nothing Really Changes


Of Course I Have Wings
Oh No, Not More Football!
Oh No, You Don't!
Oh, What Fun!
On Being a Flirt
On Being a Lighthouse
On Being Blessed and Being a Blessing
On the Same Page
One Dreamer, Many Players
One Family, One Surname called Love
One Life
One Man's Meat is Another's Barking Madness
Oo-er Missus!
Open Sesame!
Opposites Do Not Attract
Opposites Do Not Attract - Part 2


Power Songs
Predicting the Future


Quote of the Day
Quote of the Day - 2
Quote of the Day - 3
Quote of the Day - 4


Rain, Rain, Go Away!
Rain, Rain, Good to Have You Here
Receive What You Have Been Given
Remember Love


Saying Yes to Love
Self-Belief- Revisited
Slow Boat to China
Song of the Day
Song of the Day - 2
Specialist Subject - Love
Spin Doctor
Steamy Windows and Other Beautiful Things
Stop That Bus!
Strange But True!
Survival Issues
Switch the Light On


Taking Stock
Thank You, Love
The Devil Finds Work for Idle Hands
The Double
The Enocia Show
The Fixers
The Game of 'Let's Pretend' - Revisited
The Game of Time Keeping
The Greatest of These is Love
The Hand
The I AM at Work
The Magic of Giving
The Many Facets of Self
The ONE Account
The Path of Love
The Path of Self-Mastery
The Penny Drops
The Presence
The Secret of Eternal Youth
The Sword of Freedom
The Temple of God
The Transumting Fire of Love - Revisited
The Two Paths
The Word
The World in Motion
There is No Natural Law of Death and Decay for Man
Timing - Part 2
To Dream or Not to Dream?
Traffic Warden
Tuning into the Love Station - Revisited




Walking in the Light
Walls Have Ears
What a Lovely Surprise!
What Are You Like?
What Do I Believe?
What is the Ego?
What's Enlightenment Got to Do With It?
Why I Will Never Move On from the Past
Why Opposites Do Not Attract


Zero Energy