Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Zero Energy

Love, my True Self, is like a well that is never depleted. This means I can continue to draw from that same well forever.

There's another way to look at Love- zero energy.

What do I mean by zero energy?

Well, let's say I feel like going for a long walk. Before I start I note my energy gauge is on 8. After I've been walking for 10 miles, I feel dog tired. When I check my energy gauge, I see that it's now on 5, which is quite low. I have some food, something to drink, relax and eventually fall asleep. The next morning when I check my energy gauge, it's back on 8.

I have another urge to go for another long walk. This time I have an idea. Instead of doing the walk, why not let myself be walked? So I relax and let my legs move. I walk and I walk. After I've walked for 10 miles, I still feel like walking some more and I do. Finally, I return home. And yet I still feel energised. When I check my energy gauge, I notice that it's still on 8. This means I've used up zero energy. It's not surprising really given that I didn't do anything.

This is what Love wants me to experience, a life of zero energy and zero effort. All I need to do is relax and trust in Love to do everything and I mean EVERYTHING.

The last time someone brushed my teeth was when I was a child. I remember it felt quite hard as I was being taught that I need to brush my teeth really hard to avoid plaque. What a difference Love makes? Now I let Love brush my teeth and it is the most gentle feeling. Love washes my face; Love gives me a shower; Love puts on my clothes and my make up. Love makes me food. Even when I'm preparing something for myself, I feel Love taking over and doing whatever needs to be done. Love feeds me. Love takes over my body and does the walking and moving.

I used to believe that I needed to have frequent bowel movements, at least once or day, otherwise something is wrong. I would force it to happen. No wonder I had piles. Now I go only when I need to. If it means not having number twos for several days, then so be it. I know all is well because Love is in complete control of my bowel movements.

I now have a pact with Love to remind me when I try to force things to happen instead of letting Love be the Cause. I now know what it feels like to truly surrender to Love and let myself be loved, cherished and nurtured.

I am zero energy.


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