Friday, 18 January 2008

Accident or Love in Action?

Two days ago I heard in the local news about how a bus lost control and crashed into someone's house. Although the building was damaged, there were no serious injuries.

Guess what? That bus is my local bus which I use every single day.

Then yesterday I heard in the news about how a plane that crash landed at Heathrow airport. Again there were no fatalities. People have described it as a miracle.

Guess what? Last year I spent lots of time at Heathrow where I used to meet up with a friend. Heathrow happens to be one of my favourite places in London because I love watching planes land and take off.

Despite appearances to the contrary, or what people believe, I see only Omnpresent Love in action.

Love and gratitude to the Great I AM that is Infinite Love.


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