Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Are You Feeling the Post-Christmas Blues?

Last night, my mother mentioned how Christmas passes too quickly. Before you know it, it's over and all the happiness is gone. You're back to feeling the blues.

I believe the happiness is all over very quickly because it wasn't real in the first place. If that happiness was real, it would persist no matter what.

During the period leading to Christmas, at least in the UK, people are under a hypnotic spell that tells them what to buy, what to eat, how to feel, who to be with, and what to do. While you're under that spell, you feel happy and want to be nice to your neighbours until Christmas Day when that spell runs out and you start feeling the blues.

In the UK, after the Christmas spell there is the spell that encourages people to go the sales; another spell that tells people to make their new year's resolutions; a spell that encourages people to go on diets and detox programmes to get rid of the weight they gained over Christmas, or to give up smoking, alcohol or whatever; there's another spell encouraging people to book their next holiday; and so the cycle continues. Before you know it, it's the season of goodwill again when you're being encouraged to spend, spend, spend and be happy all over again.

How do you break that spell?

By not buying into any of it. Just be yourself.

When you're being yourself, you're free to be whatever you're inspired to be in every moment. And as your true self, happiness is yours forever.

I am Happiness.


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