Monday, 21 January 2008

Being the Street Finder

Last night while I was watching American Idol, the singing contest show, a girl came on who reminded me of a British pop singer, but I couldn't remember the singer's name. I have this game that I like to play when I'm looking for an answer, which was inspired from the sci-fi series, Star Trek.

Sometimes when the star ship encounters something unfamiliar, they usually send out a Probe, which scans whatever it is and extracts information which enables the crew to explore further. The ship has different kinds of Probes to meet the relevant challenge at the time.

Back to the pop star whose name I couldn't recall, I imagined a beam of light going out into the "deep space" of my consciousness seeking out and returning with the name. While I was waiting, I flicked through the music channels just in case the singer was on but she wasn't. Then I had a thought: "Instead of pretending you don't know, why not just know you know the singer's name?" So I told myself "I remember your name. In fact, I know your name." After a few seconds, I had a knowing that the singer's name started with the letter "J." Within a few seconds, I "remembered" her name - Jamelia.

Before I went to sleep last night I had an idea which I worked through in my head as an article. I made a mental note to put it down in writing the next day. Then I fell asleep.

I woke up this morning from one of those nonsense dreams that seem to make a lot of sense at the time but means nothing when I'm fully awake. In between fully awakening, I heard a woman's voice calling me twice by my birth name. I knew the voice wasn't my mother's. The same voice had called me two nights back. At first I thought I didn't know who the "caller" was, then I remembered that I do in fact know. I had a thought of a name, which was my cousin who passed away recently. She'd come to say goodbye or hello.

I also remembered that I had an idea about something I had dictated to myself last night but couldn't remember what it was. I sent out my "probe" to remind me. Then I remembered that I already know what it is. The moment I had the thought, the full article "returned" to mind.

At every moment, I am the All-Knowing One. The All-Knowing One is the equivalent of carrying an A-Z/Street Finder of London or any city. All I need to do when I'm looking for an address is look in my Street Finder and I receive my answer. In other words, I don't need anyone to help me find a place when I have already got the answers.

Even though I have my Street Finder, I can also choose to play the game of not knowing and have other aspects of Self give me directions. The danger is one can get so accustomed to looking to others for the answers that one can forget one's true identity as the All Knowing One. That's why, I believe, there are many people who look to teachers and channelled entities to tell them how to live instead of trusting in their own Street Finders.

While these Guides and entities mean well, there is also the danger of some of them getting so attached to their roles as Guides/teachers that they believe people are incapable of finding their own answers. I believe the greatest love I can ever give someone is to trust that he or she is capable of finding the Truth themselves. That's why I will NEVER be anyone's teacher.

Incidentally, while I was pondering on these ideas on my bus ride this morning, I heard this woman speaking on her mobile phone. She mentioned to her friend that she had an "A-Z" with her but wanted her friend to give her directions. My friend on the bus was demonstrating how the All-Knowing One likes playing the game of not knowing in order to make others feel needed.

Here's another example. A few days ago I heard the song "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay," but I couldn't remember the Soul singer's name. I asked my mother if she knew and she said she didn't. I had a thought that either the answer will come to me or I could look it up on the Internet. The answer didn't come and I kept forgetting to look it up on the Web. A few days later I finally remembered to check it on Google and the singer's name was Otis Reading. Guess what I saw this morning? A company van with the business name - "Otis." Too late, I already know!

So as you can see, the answers are always present. My "probe" will always bring the answers back to me in one form or another. It's fun when that happens as long as I always remember that it's only a game I am playing; and that I don't need to consult anyone for the answers.

I am the All-Knowing Street Finder.


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