Thursday, 24 January 2008

Being the Sun

I am the Sun shining my light in every moment to infinity and beyond.

For me the above is not just a nice affirmation I've made up because it sounds good, it is real and alive. I know I am the Sun. I've experienced myself lots of times during meditation as a Sun a zillion times brighter than the sun. I know that the Sun is my true self.

What else can a Sun do but shine its love-light?

I see all dimensions of my life experiences as the Sun. When a part is not working too well, it simply means I'm not letting that aspect shine as brightly as the others. I'm reminded of another one of my favourite films, Jerry Maguire, which I watched recently for the umpteenth time.

Jerry is a sports agent. One day he develops a conscience and writes a mission statement about how he'd like agents to treat their clients. He's so fired up about his ideas, he shares them with his colleagues hoping they would share his enthusiasm. A week later Jerry is fired from his job. Jerry tries to retain his clients but he loses all but one - footballer, Rod Tidwell. Jerry decides to set up a new company in line with his new way of seeing. He invites his colleagues to join him in his new venture, but they're all too comfortable in their environment to risk a new way. The only one who is willing to risk it is Dorothy, who has always admired Jerry from a distance anyway.

The film follows Jerry's relationships with Rod and Dorothy and how all their lives are transformed.

Rod, Jerry's only client, is all heart when it comes to his personal relationship with his family but he's very much in his head with regards to his football career. Because of this, he's got a huge chip on his shoulder that the sponsors don't care about him and he hasn't got the contract he deserves. It's only when Rod brings in the heart to his football career i.e. he starts enjoying playing the game regardless of fame and fortune that fortune does smile on him. He ends up receiving the contract of his dreams.

Jerry on the other hand, is now all heart in his business life but still a bit tentative when it comes to his personal relationships. First of all, he breaks up with his fiancée because he can no longer relate to her. Then he and Dorothy get involved in an intimate relationship but his heart is not really in it. He adores Dorothy's son though. Because Jerry's new business has still not taken off, Dorothy decides to take a job in another city. Just as Dorothy is about to leave, Jerry suggests they could resolve their financial situation by living together and getting married, which they do. Soon Dorothy realises their marriage is a sham and they break up. It's only when Jerry opens up his heart fully does he realise he loves Dorothy and wants to be with her.

In other words, Jerry Maguire is about how the Sun of Love-Light was allowed to shine in all areas of Jerry, Rod and Dorothy's life experiences.

I am the Sun shining in every moment to infinity and beyond.


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