Friday, 18 January 2008

Boys Will Be Boys!

I met up with a dear friend yesterday evening. The last time I saw him was almost a year ago so it was lovely to see him again. We sat in bookshop catching up on what we'd both been up to. He recited part of a poem he'd written. He also shared a song he had written which we had fun performing. I had it at the back of my mind to leave at a certain time because there was something I was hoping to watch on television.

My friend asked if I wanted to go out for coffee/tea. I said I didn't fancy it and I needed to get home. Although I could have caught my bus outside the bookshop, I suggested we take a walk anyway as I knew I could always catch my bus further down the road. During our walk, my friend stopped off at a health food shop to buy some dried mango, which I didn't even know exists, and some chocolate. I tried some of the mango and it was very nice.

He asked me again if I wanted tea. I said I didn't but I would keep him company while he has his tea. We arrived at a cafe in an area called Soho, which has lots of restaurants, bars, clubs and media types. We sat outside as my friend had already rolled up a cigarette that he wanted to smoke; smoking is no longer allowed in enclosed public places. It was quite a mild evening so I didn't mind sitting outside. It was a perfect spot to watch the world go by.

As I chatted with my friend he suddenly said he wanted to touch the tip of my nose, then he did.

"What was that all about?" I said.

"I don't know, I've been dying to touch that fleshy part of your nose all evening," he said. "I thought I would go crazy if I didn't touch it."

"You nutter!"

We both burst out laughing. The thought of my friend wondering what my nose feels like was hilarious.

"So when you asked me if I wanted to have tea with you," I said, "you just wanted me to stick around so you could have your wicked way with me, didn't you?"

"I suppose."

"You only shared your mango with me just to sweeten me, right?"

"I had to do whatever I could."

We were in stitches again.

"Well, I'm really glad I helped you fulfil that fantasy."

"Now that you have, you can go now," he laughed.

Well, my friend already knows what it's like to hug me. He knows what's it's like to kiss me; we had a brief thing a while back which didn't work out, but we decided to remain friends. Now he knows what it's like to touch my nose. Goodness nose why he was so curious about my nose though.

We continued chatting about our life experiences. We even reminisced about our brief relationship and how we both now realise it was best that we stayed just good friends. In between chatting and performing his song, I would remember him touching my nose and burst out laughing.

I didn't end up getting home on time to watch the programme I wanted to watch, but it was well worth hanging out with my friend so I could make his dream come true.

Love to my nutter friend.


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