Saturday, 26 January 2008

Bring It On!

In a previous piece called Love, Laughter and Happiness, I wrote about how I was able to receive a friend's email of smilies as "love, laughter and happiness all merged into one. I felt so happy that I couldn't contain it so I sent it to everyone in the Universe."

This was my response to him:

You know something, I received your message this morning as a feeling. Thank you.

Here's an article dedicated to you. (smilies). Love, Laughter and Happiness

His reply was:

Amazing ! you are very much true ! I was thinking about you and felt lots of love to you and planned to play flute for you !

Thanks a lot for your reply. I will read the article.
Love You Lot, (smilie)

If I can sense my friend's love in such an overwhelming manner, imagine what it feels like when I pick up on two people's love. What if I were to multiply that love by 100, then a 1,000, and a million. Imagine what it feels like to feel all of humanity's love.

Imagine what it feels like to feel all the love in the universe that is God? Can you handle it?

I reckon most people filter out these strong feelings because they can't handle it. It's a lot easier to be in misery than to be open up to this overwhelming feeling of love.

The irony is that it is the feeling of joy, happiness and gratitude that attracts our dreams. In other words, when I'm feeling joy and gratitude, I attract experiences that make me feel joy and gratitude and it snowballs from there. Stay in misery and you attract more experiences to feel miserable about.

To anyone who wants to send me love and happiness, all I have to say is: bring it on! If it gets too much I can always share it with the Universe. As I see it, there's no point having all that happiness if I can't share it.


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