Tuesday, 8 January 2008


At the bus stop there was already a bus waiting. Oh good, I don't have to wait then. The driver turned the bus round, parked, and switched off the engine, indicating he was resting for God knows how long. I could easily have walked to the main road, only a few minutes away, to catch another bus but something told me to stay put.

While I was waiting, I remembered I had forgotten to put on my stud earrings which were in my purse. The first compartment I looked in had my "lucky penny" I found recently. At that moment a van drove by. I looked up and noticed the company name on the van was "Pennywise." How funny! I found my earrings in the other compartment and put them on.

By now a few passengers had arrived. The bus driver was still keeping us waiting. Finally he was ready and we piled on board. Two stops down a woman got on. It was my mother's friend. A few days ago she phoned my mother in distress after she heard that her younger brother had passed away suddenly. He'd spent a whole month with her in December and as soon as he returned home to Sierra Leone he was gone.

I went to sit beside her. I told her how sorry I was about her loss. She said she was flying home in two days for the funeral. During my ten minute journey, she talked about her brother. He was head of the linguistic department at the university and was working on his PhD. He used to even give lectures at SOAS in London; I used to use SOAS's library when I was at college. My friend said one of the professors from SOAS paid her a visit last night with a tribute they'd written which they wanted her to read at her brother's funeral. She talked about how he was so full of life, how he always looked good, and how people admired him. She said her brother had just finished a whole hour of Bible study with his family when he felt unwell and he soon lost consciousness and he was gone. She said she missed her brother.

Now it all made sense why I had felt like staying put at the bus stop so I could be there for my friend. Before I got off I gave her a hug and wished her all the best.


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