Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Concerning Children

My friend and I were discussing a certain healing principle. He said that even a child can apply this principle and be able to heal.

I told my friend that I believed the Allness of God is fully expressed in all including what we consider to be "children." It's only because of programming that "adults" believe "children" have a limited level of understanding and should be treated appropriately.

We are all fully grown-up and mature spirits expressing the Allness of God. We are simply playing different roles such as babies, children, teenagers, adults, parents, friends, relatives, work colleagues, etc.

I'm very much aware I'm playing the role of daughter, sister, friend, writer, female, black, etc. At the same time I know that I am the All There Is playing different roles.

I believe when people realise that the Allness of Love is being expressed in each individual, they will stop worrying about their kids' future well-being and trust that all is well.

Love always takes care of Her own.


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