Monday, 14 January 2008


Two days ago I met this young lady at a bookshop who said she was interested in becoming a life coach. I told her I was once interested in becoming a life coach. I even studied NLP to help me achieve that goal though I never pursued it. I told the young lady that I have a friend in Ireland who teaches NLP and is also a life coach. I said I would email my friend and ask if she could give her any advice. I said I would also forward her some info on NLP.

Today I received an email from the lady at the bookshop. She said she'd watched a video on YouTube about NLP and had found it interesting and now wants to study it. She said she was looking forward to hearing from me. I then emailed her several links about NLP. I also included my friend's website which had some information about life coaching.

A few hours later I received an email from my friend in Ireland about the increase in petrol prices and taking action against it. I reckon the real reason why my friend had forwarded that email was because she'd picked up on the vibe that I had been thinking of her and Love had done whatever was necessary for us to connect. Petrol prices indeed! I don't even drive! I emailed my friend and teased her that she'd only forwarded me that email because she wanted to be part of the action.

We are all connected in Love.


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