Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Enocia Show

One of my favourite films is The Truman Show.

Truman has been living in a TV show since he was a baby but he's not aware of this. He doesn't know that his loved ones, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and acquaintances are all actors; nor does he realise that what he's experiencing as nature and weather conditions are nothing but special effects. One day Truman falls in love with one of the actresses. She tries to tell him that he's in a TV show and that his life is not real, but the producer of the show gets rid of her as he doesn't want her to ruin his fun. Although Truman eventually marries another actress, he never forgets that young woman he fell in love with. He hopes to be with her one day. The film is about how Truman gradually wakes up to the truth that what he considers to be his life is nothing but a Reality TV show.

I feel like I'm living in my own Reality TV show; unlike Truman, I am very much aware there are actors all around me.

Two days ago I caught the end of a music video by Sade. I used to love her music in the eighties. I admired how stylish she was and wondered how she was doing. I also noticed a song by the Fine Young Cannibals in a TV ad. I wondered what they were up to these days.

Yesterday I decided to finish work early so I could go into the West End. When I got to the main road to catch my bus, I noticed three buses at the bus stop. I couldn't cross over because two cars were parked in front of me. When they moved away, a long line of moving traffic appeared and I waited for them to pass. I couldn't even jaywalk. It's as if I was being prevented from crossing the road at that moment. When the road finally cleared so I could cross over, all the buses had moved away.

A few seconds later, a bendy-bus appeared and I got on. The bus was pretty crowded and I didn't fancy standing all the way. Then I spotted an available seat on the other side but someone else grabbed it before I could get there. Two stops down, a man sitting next to a window got up to leave and the woman sitting next to him moved to his seat. As I wasn't close enough I figured someone else was going to grab that seat. After about a minute I asked the guy next to the available seat if he wanted it. He said I could have it.

The woman I was sitting next to had lots of bags of shopping and barely left me enough room. She was busy chatting on her mobile phone. After she'd finished, she apologised for her shopping and moved them aside. She asked me if the bus was going to the West End and I said it was. She said although she always travels by bus, she wasn't used to travelling in the City. She said she was more of a West End girl.

The City refers to a square mile area of London that is the "centre of global finance." I've worked in several merchant banks in the City. The West End tends to have businesses specialising in retail and the media.

Before you know it, the woman and I were chatting like old friends. Our conversation turned to the Eighties. We were both around the same age and we talked about fashion and music during that era. She said she and her family spent last Christmas in a Caribbean island and they met Simon Le Bon and his wife, Yasmin. Simon is the lead singer of the band, Duran Duran, who was very popular in the eighties. We discussed Spandau Ballet, another band that was popular in that era. My friend said she's also met the former lead singer of Spandau Ballet.

I told my friend I had been thinking about Sade the day before and wondering how she was. She said she's met Sade several times. She said Sade is lovely and doing really well. I asked her if she remembered the Fine Young Cannibals as I've also been thinking about them. My friend told me when she was having acting classes years ago, she was in the same class as the lead singer of The Fine Young Cannibals. She didn't seem too keen on him though. I asked my friend if she worked in the music business. She said she didn't but she knew many people in the business and socialises in that scene, that's how she ends up meeting pop stars. It was such fun reminiscing with my friend about the Eighties.

When I went home, I shared my experience with my mother. I told her how I had missed those buses only to find myself sitting next to a friend who could answer my questions.

"Man's disappointment is God's appointment," my mother said.

Or more like the producers had arranged for those extras to block that road so I could catch the "right" bus where I could link up with another actress.

Incidentally, two days ago I asked my mother about a news reader I haven't seen on television for a while. Yesterday my mother told me while she was watching a game show, she saw the news reader. She said it was as if he was saying, "I heard your daughter was asking after me. Tell her I'm still around."

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of the Enocia Show.


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