Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Eternal Youth

My mother and I were watching a hospital drama on television called Holby City, which neither of us had seen in a long while.

"That doctor is looking older since I saw him last," mum said.

"He does a bit."

"Everyone gets older except you," she said. "I've never known anyone who can stay the same, year in and year out."

"A (my nephew) keeps teasing me that I always look the same," I chuckled.

"Yes, he's catching up on you," mum chuckled. "Everyone gets older but you stay the same."

"I'm like that Take That song, 'Everything Changes But You'."

I sang the chorus and my mother chuckled.

"But we're not meant to age mum," I said. "We're meant to remain ageless forever."

"For you maybe, but people do grow old."

"You remember that time when I was in deep depression?" I said.

"Yes, I remember."

"I feel that something changed within me. It was as if I died and then stepped out of time."

"Maybe, you did die and were resurrected."

"Anyway, since then, every day is the same and nothing ever changes. When I see someone I haven't seen in ages and they look older it doesn't seem real because in my reality they still look the way I remembered."

"Well in your reality people may look the same," mum said, "but in other people's reality, they grow old."

"Remember when J asked you who that young woman was she sometimes sees you with it."

"She couldn't believe you were my daughter," mum chuckled. "You know the old man that lives round the corner?"

"Yes, I like speaking to him."

"He was asking me the other day about you. He said, 'how's that young girl? She is a very nice girl.' I was thinking she's not a young girl!"

"That's so funny," I laughed.

"People must think I had you late in life or something?"

"By the way, I've told A when he turns 18, I'm going clubbing with him."

"I bet he looks older than you or you're mistaken for his girlfriend."

"Probably," I chuckled.

I find it interesting that even though my mother doesn't accept eternal youth as our true nature, she accepts that I can never grow old. That's why she can see me looking the same in four years time when my nephew turns 18.

The truth is I am Light and Light is changeless.


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