Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Express Delivery

It's my older brother's birthday in a few days time.

While I was going out the other day, my mother asked me to buy a birthday card for him. She said she wanted a card that had beautiful and meaningful words. After checking several shops, I couldn't find any that was suitable. I bought him a fun card for myself and explained the situation to my mother. Mum said she would look for a suitable card the next day.

At the time I was thinking whether I should post my brother's card or deliver it in person. I figured that when mum buys her card, we can post them together.

When I went home yesterday evening my mother told me she hadn't found a suitable card because the ones she saw were aimed at juveniles, not grown men. That was exactly what I had found when I was looking for a card. I guess society believes men are not into mushy stuff unless when they are in love when some of them write love letters. Mum said she was going to call my brother on the day and sing "happy birthday" to him.

Now that my mother had decided not to buy a card, I was still left with my dilemma: do I post the card or take it to my brother's house in person?

The phone rang and my mother answered it. It was my brother's wife. My mother had given her some food a few days ago and she said she was popping in on her way to work to return her bowls. Being the eternal opportunist that I am, I gave my sister-in-law my brother's birthday card to deliver to him on his birthday.

Now that's what I call express delivery!


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