Thursday, 3 January 2008

Following My Heart

After I heard about my friend's passing, whom I met when I used to attend Christian Science meetings, I had a thought that I should attend their testimony meeting, which is held every Wednesday. I figured I could catch up with old friends and talk to them about my friend. On the way there, I kept having misgivings about attending. My heart wasn't in it; I felt I was only going because of my friend. I decided I didn't have to attend church to remember him, he's always in my heart anyway. So halfway through the journey I got off the bus and caught another bus home.

During my bus journey a woman sat in front of me reading a newspaper. She reminded me of a friend who now lives in Ireland. I noted she was tanned so I asked her if she'd been away. She said she'd just returned from a months trip in Kerela, India. She said it was very hot and she had a lovely time. She spent Christmas Day on the beach where there were thousands of people. The women had colourful saris on and they watched a boat race. My friend said she prefers to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

I told my friend I used to watch Bollywood films as a child and my favourite actor was Amitab Bachchan. My friend said she's not keen on Bollywood films but her partner loves them. He was born in Iran, has lived in Iraq and India, and now settled in London. He regularly attends a cinema in North London that specialises in Bollywood films. She said Amitab is also his favourite actor.

I thought it was interesting that this woman's partner had an Iraq connection because my friend in Ireland is half-Iraqi.

My friend said people in India are so friendly. She was really depressed coming back to stony-faced Londoners who don't speak to anyone. She said it was very unusual to be having a conversation with me. I told her I tend to chat to people.

We chatted till my friend's stop.

On the way home, I suddenly felt my Christian Science friend's presence right in front of me. Of course, I can experience his presence any time I like.

I was so glad I followed my heart.


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