Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Go On, Switch It On!

Over the last few months I've noticed more buses have had the computerised Station Announcer installed, which tells passengers what the next stop is and the route's final destination. It took some getting used to, but now I love hearing the woman's soothing voice; it's like God speaking to me. I'm sure the Announcer takes the pressure off bus drivers who can now focus on their driving instead of being pestered by passengers.

At some point during my bus journey home, the bus driver switched off the Announcer to ask passengers to move inside the bus and away from the doors. He didn't switch the Announcer back on. Go on, switch it back on, I thought. No response. Then I thought, instead of asking the driver, why not ask my I AM Presence, my True Self that is in all? So I thanked my I AM for switching the Announcer back on. The driver switched the Announcer on for about a minute and it was off again.

OK, maybe I should have asked for the Announcer to be left on throughout the journey. I asked for this to happen but there was no response. I knew it was going to be switched back on. After a few minutes, the bus arrived at a place called Stoke Newington. Sometimes this particular bus route terminate here; when that happens the driver usually announces this so passengers who intend to travel further can get off at the next stop and catch another bus. A woman walked up to the driver and asked if the bus was terminating at Stoke Newington or going all the way to Seven Sisters. The driver said he was going all the way. After exchanging banters the woman returned to her seat. The driver then switched the Announcer back on. When the woman was getting off she walked back to the driver.

"Driver, I'm getting off at the next stop," she said. "Now if you'd had that thing switched on in the first place, I wouldn't have had to ask you earlier."

"You mean you're not going all the way to Seven Sisters after all that?" the driver teased her.

"No, I never go all the way."

"Neither do I," the driver chuckled and I knew their conversation had entered a whole new realm of double-entendres.

The woman laughed and got off the bus.

The driver kept the Announcer on till the penultimate stop when he switched it off. A young man beside me asked me if the bus was terminating at the next stop and I said yes. Then the driver switched on the Announcer, which announced that the bus was terminating at the next stop and we should all bugger off. Only kidding. The Announcer told us to get off and take all our belongings (i.e. rubbish) with us.

For me, that bus journey was a Master class of my I AM in action. My True Self is constantly radiating Her light in all realities. Every time I ask my I AM a question, it is instantly radiated in all. This means everyone hears my call. Those who are sympathetic to the request will act upon it. The driver wasn't open but the woman was; and her action reminded the driver to switch the Announcer back on.

I am Love-Light.


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