Wednesday, 16 January 2008

How to Avoid Malfunctions

Yesterday I was sitting next to this woman in the library who was typing on the keyboard. She was bashing really hard the way people used to on old-fashioned typewriters. I couldn't understand why she needed to use such force when the keys are so sensitive. It was then it occurred to me that she was still applying the old way of doing things to the new. I reckon if I typed like her I would be exhausted.

The woman reminded me of an episode of StarTrek the Next Generation I watched a few nights ago. Data, Riker and Worf are sent on a mission. After they've beamed to the place, they discover a revolving door. They go through the door and find themselves in a lavish hotel with a casino. At first they find it amusing and have fun exploring the hotel's facilities. When they've had enough and try to get out they find themselves stuck inside. They can no longer communicate with their ship. They come to realise they are in a pulp fiction novel called "The Royale", which is set in a hotel of the same name during the 20th century.

In one scene, Worf suggest they use the lift (elevator). He stands in front of it and expects it to open automatically just like the Turbolift in the starship, Enterprise. When the doors won't open, Worf says: "This Turbolift is malfunctioning."

Data, the android, who has all kinds of knowledge, presses the button and the lift doors open. You should have seen Worf's face. Priceless!

As I see it, the path of Love/Spirit is a whole different ballgame compared to the way people have been conditioned. The human way involves either doing everything manually or with force. You need to press the lift button for the doors to open and to take you to the floor you want to go. Love's way is the equivalent of Worf standing in front of the Turbolift which opens automatically; and you can tell the lift what deck you want to travel to.

There's nothing wrong with either way as long as you don't expect Love's way to behave like the human or vice versa. Remember when Worf expected the lift in the hotel to behave like the Turbolift in the Enterprise, the doors remained closed. Data who realised that he was in another reality with different rules, was able to operate the lift by pressing the button.

I know I can't have it both ways. I have to choose which way I want to live and stick to it. Do I choose the human way or Love?

I choose Love.


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