Tuesday, 1 January 2008

I Have Learned a Great Secret

My friend, Ben Gilberti, sent me the following piece which I'm going to post here.

My friend also attached a fractal he's designed which I love. I like that the middle has the figure 8 which is very signficant for me. The 8 represents the union of Heaven and earth; "as above so below."

With love,



I haven't looked at this in over a year. It’s funny that I should be reminded of it right on New Years Day. It's the greatest thing that Mary Baker Eddy ever wrote. It's the greatest spiritual practice she ever devised, and it's what made her one of the greatest spiritual lights of all time. I'll just paste it in here just as she had written it:

I Have Learned a Great Secret
by Mary Baker Eddy

I have learned a great secret. I am going to tell you what the secret is, and it is wonderful.

It is this: Not to see or hear or repeat any kind of imperfection. It is seeing and hearing and repeating good only, at all times and under all circumstances, and in spite of everything that appears to the contrary.

I make this resolve every morning, when I first open my eyes, and I renew it every hour of the day. I see perfection in myself in my friends, in my so-called enemy, in my affairs and in world affairs.

I take my radical stand for the perfection of God and everything and for everything and everybody He has created. I look upon the world with God's eyes and see it just as He sees it, and I refuse to see it in any other way.

I stop a dozen times a day, and renew the resolve, and make sure that I am not repeating error or giving way to criticism. I watch my thoughts about people, the lame, the old, the unloved to sense that I pass in the street, stray animals, I except nothing. I have taken my radical stand for perfection and I will not, absolutely will not, relax this perfect standard.

The result has been simply marvelous. Try it and you will find that you will be seeing with God's eyes, His perfect sight, and you will behold a perfect universe, the outward condition of your inward thinking.

Much Love,

Ben Gilberti