Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Little Acts of Kindness Last Forever

My mother was teasing me again about how I look very young for my age. She said she met someone on our local bus who was asking after her "little girl." The woman said mum's little girl had been very nice to her and had helped carry her shopping. Mum told her I was always helping people.

I couldn't remember exactly who that woman was but one thing that struck me was how the woman still had that memory of that one act of kindness.

Every day I witness many little acts of kindness. Little acts of kindness take many forms from being courteous, complimenting someone, helping someone in need, smiling, listening to someone, chatting, blessing, etc. The more I notice these acts of kindness the more I see and experience. I've recorded on my blogs many little acts of kindness people have shown me.

I have observed that you don't have to be of a certain religion or have a spiritual belief to be kind, nor do you have to wait till a certain time of the year so you can be nice to someone. Little acts of kindness are usually spontaneous and unconditional. For instance, during my bus journey this morning I noticed a woman outside pushing a buggy (push chair). She dropped something and a passer-by picked it up for her and walked away.

Another thing I've noticed about little acts of kindness is that they are instantly reflected back at me. On the bus yesterday, I noticed this woman beside me had some kind of fabric on her lap. I thought it was beautiful. I reached out and touched it and asked her what it was. I told her how much I liked it. She said it was her scarf and thanked me for appreciating it. On my next bus, this young man sat in front of me. He told me how much he liked my hair. I thanked him. He asked if he could take me out but I declined. When he got off the bus I waved at him and he blew me a kiss.

Now the national newspapers are not interested in little acts of kindness. Why would they? Little acts of kindness challenge the reality the media likes to portray of people constantly at war with one another. The truth of the matter is majority of people live in harmony with one another and perform little acts of kindness. The only acts of kindness national newspapers tend to focus on are big showy gestures from celebrities giving out millions of Pounds to charity; which is quite understandable really considering celebrities are journalists' bread and butter.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with people donating millions to charities, all I know is that it is the little acts of kindness that connects people in their every day lives, and which stay in people's memories. What is real lasts forever.

I will continue to focus on these little acts of kindness that I notice all around me. Most of all, I will continue to let Kindness express as me.

I am Kindness.


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