Thursday, 17 January 2008

Love is Meeting All Needs Perfectly - Revisited

A while back I read an article about this celebrity who said she loves snow. She said every year she prays for snow and her wish doesn't come true.

The problem with the woman's wish is that it seems to conflict with mine. I don't particularly care for snow. In my opinion, snow is lovely to look at but I don't like walking in it. I'm sure there are lots of people who feel the way I do. So while she's praying for snow, I'm praying for mild winter.

How is it possible for all our needs be met when we all appear to have different likes and dislikes?

On the bus last night two women got on board. They wanted to sit together but there were only single seats available, which meant they would have to be separated. A man got up and offered them his seat so they could be together, and then sat beside me.

After a few minutes, the man beside me asked if I minded if he opened the window. I said I didn't. I even opened it for him. The funny thing was it made no difference to me because I was neither hot nor cold.

After a while another passenger asked if he could close the window as he was cold and the man beside me said he could. I wasn't bothered either way.

On one level there appeared to be conflicts of interest. There were not enough seats for the women to sit together. There was too much heat on the bus. There was too little heat on the bus. How can Love take care of all our needs when we're all so different?

When I go beyond appearances and see with Love's vision, I can see how Love is meeting all needs perfectly.

Because Love wants people who truly love each other to be together, Love inspired the man to give up his seat so the two women could sit together and continue their conversation.

Love also wanted to meet the man's needs for a cooler environment. In his previous seat, he didn't have access to a window, but now that he was sitting next to me he was near one. So when he asked me to open the window, I was happy to oblige.

Love was meeting my need for comfort too. So instead of feeling cold now that the window was open, I felt neither hot nor cold. It just shows heat and cold are just states of mind.

When the other passenger started feeling cold, Love closed the window so he could experience a reality of warmth.

Again, I felt neither hot nor cold.

What about the man beside me, surely he felt warm again? I would imagine Love must have made him continue to feel cool. In any case he got out a few stops later.

Back to the celebrity in the newspaper, I'm sure if she really wants to experience snow, her wish will be fulfilled in one way or another.

There's more than enough Love to go round.
Love is meeting all needs perfectly according to our beliefs.


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