Wednesday, 30 January 2008

More About the Inner Sound

I have written elsewhere about a sound I hear in my head which is the voice of my True Self. Actually this sound is a combination of all my spiritual attributes being expressed as one voice. Some of these attributes include:

Abundance, Acceptance, Beauty, Bliss, Boundlessness, Brilliance, Clarity, Creativity, Energy, Faith, Freedom, Friendship, Fulfilment, Gentleness, Goodness, Grace, Harmony, Imagination, Infinity, Inspiration, Intelligence, Joy, Life, Light, Limitlessness, Love, Magic, Majesty, Oneness, Order, Originality, Peace, Perfection, Power, Presence, Purity, Radiance, Reality, Simplicity, Steadfastness, Symmetry, Truth, Unity, Vision, Wealth, Wholeness, Wisdom, Wonder...and much more.

No wonder if feels so blissful listening to the inner sound.

How do I apply this sound in practice?

Let's say I'm not feeling well, when I listen to the sound, I am being Wholeness, which will express as a feeling of well-being in physical form.

When I need to feel nurtured and I listen to the sound, I am being Love which will express either as a feeling of love or I will experience love from someone.

When I need to confirm what my next move should be and I listen to the sound, I am being Clarity, Vision, and Truth which will express as the equivalent experience I need at that moment.

There are limitless ways to apply the sound in my life experiences.

I am the Inner Sound.


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