Tuesday, 15 January 2008

My Past, Present and Future Self

A while back I had a vision where I saw all my life experiences in one instant. That one instant is my eternal NOW where all has already happened. (See The Life DVD). However, that NOW is unfolding as a past, present and future. Put another way, the Me that is writing this article is my present self and the future self of the Me that was brushing her teeth this morning.

A friend was telling me the other day how she used to be uncaring and now that she's reached her grand old age of 25, she's feeling more positive and feeling lots of love for others. I told her when I was in my early twenties, I was very spiteful and was constantly bitching about people. It's as if I couldn't help myself. After I had been bitching about someone, I would feel remorse and want to make up for my behaviour.

As I was speaking to my friend, I could see myself as a 21 year old looking very angry. I felt lots of love and compassion for that self. In thought, I embraced her, told her how much I loved her and that all is well. I should know; I am her future self.

I believe the desires of my heart are actually my future self communicating what she has already experienced. When I pick up on those desires, they become my desires and intentions. So instead of trying to make things happen, I can simply let what has already been experienced unfold, trusting that my future self will always guide me, either as a feeling or as my Inner Voice, when I'm off track. There's nothing stopping me from communing with my future self in every moment when I need advice or reassurance.

Speaking of which, in last night's StarTrek The Next Generation episode called Time Squared, the ship encounters a shuttlecraft in space. When they bring it into the ship, the crew discover that not only is the shuttle one of their own, Captain Picard's double is lying unconscious inside. After much investigation, they discover that the captain's double is actually his future self, 6 hours ahead of the present time. According to the records on the shuttle, after the captain leaves the ship in the future, the ship is destroyed.

The captain tries to to obtain more information from his future self so he can prevent the disaster, but his double is in his own dimension and cannot understand him. It's like trying to communicate with someone who is having a dream. The only one who can reach him is the ship's Counsellor, Troi, who can feel what he's feeling - fear.

The captain is feeling frustrated about the situation. All he and his crew can do is sit tight and wait for future events to unfold. Soon the ship is pulled into a vortex. By this time, current events are now in sync with his future self's time, who believes he has to get into the shuttlecraft to avert disaster. To cut a long story short, the captain decides he has no intention of history repeating itself so he fires a phaser at his double. He then orders for the ship to fly through the vortex. The ship passes through unscathed. The captain's double and the shuttlecraft vanish from sight. The captain reflects that it is possible that his future self had come to give him a warning.

Right then, my future self is telling me I need to focus on something else, so it's time to finish this article.

I am the past, present and future.


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