Saturday, 26 January 2008

Oh No, Not More Football!

Actually, this football story in the Metro made me chuckle.


Percy pig is a happy hammer

Thursday, January 24, 2008

He's so good he ought to play for West Ham (sorry). Or at least Swine-don Town (sorry again).

Percy the pig has been transformed into a midfield maestro ever since his owners at a rescue centre gave him a football to play with.

The six-month-old rare-breed Kune Kune pig had started life on a council estate but outgrew his surroundings.

However, when he relocated to Wildlives centre at Thorrington, near Colchester, he struggled to adapt until he was thrown a ball.

Wildlives' Rosie Catford said Percy was football crazy. She said: 'He enjoys kicking the ball around. If we throw it, Percy will run after it and play with it.'

For the picture of Percy see
Percy, the football pig


I can just see all those football managers scrambling to sign Percy to their teams. Percy had better set up a piggy-bank account. And pigs might fly. Oink, oink! ;-)


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