Monday, 21 January 2008

The ONE Account

Only ONE exists.

The ONE is an infinite ocean of love, peace, joy, goodness, freedom, energy, wisdom, beauty, perfection, etc. Now the ONE has created infinite instruments in order to experience the allness of the ONE from their own unique standpoints.

The ONE is rather like Blogger, my blog provider and each user is an instrument to experience the allness of Blogger. To create a blog account all you need to do is choose a name and password, select a template, and Blogger sets up the account. Each user can choose whether to stick to the templates Blogger has provided or edit the fonts. I like using my own fonts which reflect the topic of the blog. Now while each blog user gets to choose a website name to reflect their blogs, each user has "blogspot" added to their website, which indicates Blogger as the blog provider.

Let's say there are 6 billion Blogger users. Just because there are 6 billion users with their own unique blogs doesn't mean there are 6 billion Blogger websites; there is only one Blogger. Nor does Bloggers stop being what it is if bloggers write material that are offensive; Blogger can always choose to close the user's accounts.

In the same respect, while there are infinite instruments expressing the ONE, the ONE always remains the same. Whether someone chooses to express love or hate, the ONE will always remain the same - Love. And the ONE will never close anyone's account.

As we all have access to the ONE in every moment, there is no need for me to look to another for advice. All I need to do is log into my ONE account and express who I am as the ONE.

If I choose to, I can share my expression as the ONE with friends. This is only because it's fun to share how I am expressing the ONE not because others need to be taught how to be the ONE. I know that they already have access to the ONE in every moment.

I'm reminded of a conversation I had with a dear friend the other night. He's been trying to figure out what he should do. I told him that he was the Universe and the star of his own show. As an actor, he understood where I'm coming from. No one can stop him from fulfilling his dreams but him. Any advice I give him will only be coming from my own unique perspective. Only he knows what is right for him. He simply needs to trust in the resources he has within.

I believe the world will be instantly transformed when we all just trust that everyone has the answers and are quite capable of living their own truth. We can then enjoy one another for who we are whether we are in agreement or not.

There is only ONE account.

Love to all.

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