Saturday, 19 January 2008

Receive What You Have Been Given

A friend emailed me to tell me he wasn't feeling well and wanted my blessing, I reminded him that he's already being blessed and to receive what he's already been given.

God is the All There Is expressing as each individual.

God is the Giver saying "Yes, I've already given you everything. In fact, it's already happened."

God as the Individual is the Receiver saying "I'm still waiting."

Giver: Receive then.

Receiver: Yes, but I don't know if I'm deserving; I don't know if I'm ready; I don't know if I can; I'm scared...etc.

Giver: You are deserving, you are worthy, it's available now, just receive.

Whatever I focus my attention on is my experience. When I focus on my doubts then I'll have more of the same experience. However, when I focus on what has already been given then I know that all is well and feel nothing but gratitude for what is.

You are not only already whole, you are whole in every moment.

Receive now!


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