Monday, 14 January 2008


I was speaking to a friend the other day about how satisfying it feels when I'm helping someone fulfil their dreams. My friend said he felt the same way. He'd been giving me some IT advice and he was beaming with pleasure.

After chatting to my friend I headed into town to browse at a bookshop. While I was reading, a young lady asked me where I had got the book and what it was about. We ended up chatting for hours about spirituality and metaphysics. It turned out my friend was interested in becoming a life coach. I told her there was a time when I wanted to be one and I studied NLP. I told her I have a friend who teaches NLP and is also a life coach. My friend seemed very interested. I promised I would email her some details about NLP and life coaching. It was a real pleasure speaking to her.

There are times though when I can't always help someone in their endeavour. It is rather like when I've met people who have asked me for directions to an area I wasn't familiar with; or to help with a project I had no interest in. The good news is even if I can't help someone in a direct way, I can always help in an indirect way by wishing for the best outcome. Thus, I can wish that the person looking for the road finds his way. I can wish the individual who wanted my help with a particular project all the very best in their project.

It's so satisfying to help make people's dreams come true.


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