Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Earlier this month I heard that a friend had passed away from lung cancer. It got me thinking about Ultrasound treatments.

What is ultrasound?

"Ultrasound is cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing." Ultrasound

There are now various kinds of ultrasound treatments.

Maternity units use ultrasound based technology to view the unborn baby on the screen. Although I've never been pregnant, I have experienced a similar technology when I used to have consistent pain in my pelvic area, which they used to scan my insides to see if there was anything wrong.

Years ago when I had an injury in my knee, my physiotherapist used to give me ultrasound treatments. Although it didn't work for me, I enjoyed our weekly sessions together as he was fun to chat to.

Ultrasound is also used to treat cancer and other kinds of tumours. Unfortunately, some patients find the treatments make them nauseous and lose their hair.

In Living in My Head, I wrote about how I am constantly hearing an inner sound in my head which is immensely blissful. I first started hearing it during meditation. The more I meditated, the louder it got. The sound was not like the every day sounds I could pick up with my hearing, it's more a frequency that seemed to be coming from inside my head. Now I can hear it all the time, I came to realise that the sound was my True Self. So over the years, I have been getting to know myself by simply listening to the sound.

I have observed that the sound can transmute itself into thoughts, pictures and ideas; or as an Inner Voice that teaches me. Thus, when I ask a question the Voice answers it. The Voice also lets me have information I need to be aware of at that moment. Most of the time, I'm simply downloading information that seek expression at the most inconvenient moments, like in the middle of the night, when I would be "woken" up and be filled with ideas. The sound seems to have no regard for my beauty sleep.

I have observed that the sound can transmute itself into feelings of peace and joy. For instance, as Peace, I feel like I'm being embraced and I lose all sense of my physical body. I am one with Peace. It's a wonderful feeling. I can go about my business as Peace and witness how Peace transmutes atmospheres into peace. Ditto joy and love.

I have observed that the sound can transmutes itself into experiences. If there is something I want to experience, I listen to the sound and I'll soon end up having an experience that matches my intent.

I have observed that I can feel nourished and energised by listening to the sound in rather the same way a mobile phone feels nourished when you plug it into the mains. For instance, yesterday I didn't feel like eating any food, apart from two bars of chocolates. When I went home, I drank some water and watched some television. Then I decided to have an early night. I spent most of the night listening to the sound. While I was listening, I felt myself being energised and revitalised. Who needs food when I can listen to the sound? Apart from chocolate, Vimto and Weetabix, of course.

I have observed that the Sound is ultra sensitive to discordant thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences and transmutes them to match its frequency. I have observed this lots of times when I've noticed an environment will feel uplifted when I'm the room and am listening to the sound. Even in my own personal experience, I find I cannot have "negative" thoughts when I'm listening to the sound. I've carried out many experiments where I've tried to be angry or think fearful thoughts while tuned into the sound and it's been impossible.

I have also observed I can share the experience with others. When my mother, who I am living with, hasn't been feeling well, I have simply listened to the sound with the intention of blessing her with love and she's woken up feeling better.

Believe it or not, there have been many times when I've forgotten to listen to the sound. The moment I remember I can remedy the situation. For instance, a few months back I had a cough. After a few days of coughing I remembered the sound. So I sat down quietly and listened to the inner sound. Within half an hour the cough was gone.

Back to the topic in hand, I believe the inner sound is very much like an ultrasound that can be used to dissolve and transmute experiences into love in a powerful and gentle way. Unlike ultrasounds in the hospitals, my inner sound is readily available and costs nothing.

I believe the purpose of the inner sound is to remind me of my nature as the True Self. All I need to do is listen to it and I'll have experiences that are in harmony with its frequency. When I'm listening to the inner sound, I am living under grace.

Since I shared my experience on the Internet about the inner sound/inner silence, I've received lots of comments from readers who also hear this sound within.

May you all get to experience the power of the ultrasound within.

I am the inner sound.


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