Friday, 25 January 2008


adj. Not challenged by another: The candidate was unopposed in the campaign. Definition of Unopposed

"If the power was in you to create it, then the power is in you to change it." Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King, p. 75

I used to have experiences where I would wake up from a dream and go about my business then I would remember I'm not awake but still dreaming. I would then wake up from the dream, go to the bathroom, and then realise I'm still asleep. I remember once this happened three times. When I finally woke up "for real" I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't still sleeping.

I believe that dream was a "wake up" call to remind me that life is a dream.

Just because I've woken up from my sleeping dream doesn't mean this is Reality. I know this waking reality is no different from the sleeping dream; they are both dreams. In my sleeping dreams there is nothing to oppose me; no beliefs in time/space; no beliefs in limitations and sickness; no laws of cause/effect; no identifying myself as a mere mortal. I am Omnipotent Mind. The moment I have a thought it is manifested instantly. The moment I think of someone that person appears. Although I can fly and levitate in my dreams, I tend to appear wherever I need to be instantly. Most of my dreams are symbolic of what I'm preoccupied with at the time, or about people I've been thinking of.

If this reality, where I'm typing this article, is another dream, how come things don't manifest instantly as they do in my sleeping dreams?

It depends on whether I'm aware I'm in a dream or not. What tends to happen when I "wake up" from the sleeping dream is I identify myself as a person with likes and dislikes, living in a different reality that is subject to natural laws. The truth of the matter is whether I'm asleep or awake, I'm in a dream. I am the dreamer of dreams and never stop being the same unstoppable, omnipotent dreamer. Put another way, a rose is a "rose in any location."

What happens when I identify myself as human living on earth subject to laws of time/space, of decline and limitations, I'm simply dreaming myself as a human subject to limitation. Nothing can oppose what I am dreaming, even when I'm dreaming myself as limited. Thus, if I believe I am a victim, then I'm simply going to dream up an experience representing my belief. That's why it's important for me to stay lucid i.e. be conscious that I am in dream, and enjoy the wonder of dreaming.

Speaking of dreaming, I've just read an article about Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, the French unseeded tennis player, who defeated Rafael Nadal (world no. 2) to get to the Australian finals. This is what Tsonga had to say:

"It is like a dream and nothing could stop me today," the world No 38, born of a Congolese father and French mother whose second cousin is Charles N’Zogbia, the Newcastle United footballer, said. "I am just so happy. It was my tactic to hit every ball and everything was in, so what more can I say? Every day for me is like a dream, I can’t believe it is true." TimesOnline

Tsonga realises he's in a dream; he is the dreamer dreaming himself hitting every ball perfectly, and so it is.

I am the lucid dreamer of dreams and I stand unopposed.


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